Behavioral Health Professional

Becoming a Behavioral Health Professional

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What is a Behavioral Health Professional (BHP)?

A BHP is a dynamic professional who works 1:1 with children and young adults with a mental or behavioral health diagnosis, to help enrich their lives and achieve their goals. BHPs support their clients by practicing goals and working from a treatment plan, what we here at MAS Community Health like to call “The Map of Service.” Whether it’s working in the client’s home or within their communities, a BHP is there to guide, mentor, and encourage a client’s success.

Educational Requirements

While no college degree is required to become a Behavioral Health 
Professional, MAS Community Health does require a high school
diploma or equivalent. We have found that individuals who
have experience working with children flourish in this kind of position.

Individuals who have a background as:

  • Babysitter
  • Daycare worker
  • Camp Counselor
  • Education Tech
  • Teacher
  • Coach
  • Parent
  • Scout Leader  

Students at local colleges and universities who are working towards degrees in psychology, early childhood development, special education, and others, are the perfect candidates for our Behavioral Health Professionals. MAS Community Health wants to work with candidates who have a passion for helping kids reach their full potential. Additionally, we want to work with our BHP’s to reach their career goals. Let’s discuss what kind of opportunities we have for young professionals who are looking to gain experience in the community health industry. 

If you have a passion for working with children and have experience working with kids in any capacity, a career as a BHP could be the right fit. MAS works alongside our professionals to ensure they have the skills to excel in their role as Behavioral Health professionals!

Let’s Talk

Hiring and Onboarding Timeline

Screening calls to job offers will typically last 5-days. During this time, you will complete a screening call and formal interview. After one of our recruiters has interviewed you and you both agree this is the position for you a formal job offer will be issued.
Compliance will start after you have accepted a job offer. This includes a background and CPS check and a review of your driving record history.
Orientation will be the start of the process of becoming a certified BHP. You will be corresponding with our online instructor who will be available to help answer and questions you may have about the process.
During training, you will be working with our field staff to shadow and understand what a typical day in life will look like. You will learn how to deescalate stressful situations and work with clients to ensure all needs are met.
Once you have completed the necessary provisional certification process and MAS Community Health onboarding, you are ready to enter the field! You will begin working with clients in their homes and within the community.

Benefits of Working with MAS!