Adult Outpatient Services

Mental Health Outpatient Services

MAS provides outpatient therapy to clients who are requesting therapy and/or have been referred for therapy. Adult outpatient therapy includes evaluation, diagnosis and treatment to individuals, dyads and groups.

In order to meet the criteria for outpatient therapy, the client seeking outpatient therapy will have either a mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder that meets medical necessity requirements and results in functional impairment which interferes with, or limits, the individual’s ability to function effectively in the community.

Licensed professionals at MAS use evidence- based practice and trauma- informed care in order to provide clinical assessment, counseling, and medically necessary, therapeutic services to adults living in Maine. These services are intended to address symptoms which may be adversely affecting mental health and to improve overall functioning. Diagnostic assessment appointments are also available in order to determine eligibility for other, Mainecare-covered services.

*Mainecare and self-pay accepted.

Clinicians provide professional diagnostic assessment and therapeutic counseling services to:

Improve functioning

Relieve stress

Address symptoms

Assess risk

Focus on emotional needs/ problems