Children’s HCT & OPT Therapeutic Support Services

Home and Community Based Treatment

HCT is an intensive family-based service which is available to children with particularly challenging behaviors.

Often the child has tried outpatient counseling and did not get the results needed for the family to have harmonious relationships. An HCT clinician works with all members of the family to address problematic behaviors.

During this short-term intensive service, a Behavioral Health Professional and Clinician will work on family integration, healthy communication, safety, and coping skills at the client’s home and within their community.

Children’s Outpatient Therapy

OPT Therapeutic Services can be provided at the client’s home or a local MAS office. A licensed Clinician will work with the child individually to address any challenging behaviors and mental health symptoms, help identify emotions, assist in communication, establish coping skills, and promote healthy relationships.

Children’s Outpatient Therapy is provided by one of our highly qualified licensed Clinicians, either in one of our office locations or in your home. The Clinician will offer a professional diagnostic assessment and therapeutic counseling services in order to do the following:

Improve daily functioning

Relieve stress

Address symptoms

Assess risk

Focus on emotional needs/ problems