Children’s services focus on behavioral health treatment and services for children from birth up to their 21st birthday. Children and youth with developmental disabilities/delays, intellectual disability, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and mental health disorders are eligible for children’s services.

Children with a diagnosis of mental illness, intellectual disability, developmental disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders are eligible for Targeted Case Management which can help to identify, locate, and access appropriate treatment services to meet the needs of the child. Case managers also support parents and families’ in navigating the system.

Children that show need for mental health assessment and treatment including counseling and family therapy may be eligible for HCT or outpatient counseling services. These services address a variety of symptoms and promote emotional and behavioral stability. Clinicians offer strategies to help the child and family manage mental health symptoms, improve function within the home, school, and community, and prevent hospitalization.

Children and youth up to the age of 21 who have a developmental disability that affects their every day functioning may be eligible for Rehabilitative and Community Services (RCS). This service offers skill building support in daily living and behavioral management to support the child’s functioning in the home and community.

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