How Can MAS Community Health Help Maine’s Homeless Population?

Do you have a client/patient that is at risk of becoming homeless, currently living in a shelter, or couch surfing with no permanent and affordable place to live? Homelessness impacts a significant percentage of our population in Maine. Nobody should have to sleep on the street, or in conditions that are unsafe or unsanitary due to lack of resources. At MAS, our skilled Targeted Case Managers are specially trained to understand the barriers to finding safe and permanent housing for families in Maine. Through extensive collaboration with key providers in our community, they can link your client/patient with the resources necessary to locate and maintain housing independently.

What is Homeless Case Management?
Targeted case management for the homeless population differs from many other types of case management. The goal is to provide intensive direct support to homeless individuals and to link them with safe and affordable housing options in their communities.

How is it Different than Other Types of Case Management?
TCM for the homeless population focuses on basic safety and housing resources for client’s experiencing homelessness. The Case Manager’s that provide this type of support are highly specialized in assessing acute need and assisting clients in locating subsidized housing resources that fit their family’s needs. They also help link clients to necessary medical supports to encourage health and self-sufficiency.

Who is Eligible for Homeless TCM?
In order to be eligible for services, your client must have active Maine Care, be homeless, residing in a shelter, have no permanent place to live, be at risk for losing housing AND have a medical necessity. If you are unsure whether your client is eligible, please call us!

How Can I Make a Referral?
To make a referral, simply call MAS at 877-668-8678 or Contact Us.

Let us help you remove the barriers to finding safe and affordable housing!