HCT (Section 65 Home and Community Treatment for Families)

HCT is an intensive family-based service which is available to children with particularly challenging behaviors.

Often the child has tried outpatient counseling and did not get the results needed for the family to have harmonious relationships. An HCT clinician works with all members of the family to address problematic behaviors.

A BHP (Behavioral Health Professional) will also work with the identified child and the parents to practice the skills the family is learning from the clinician. Therapy is most effective when a partnership is made between children, parents/caregivers and providers, therefore parent participation with both the HCT clinician and BHP is required.

This service is offered several hours per week within your home. Additional hours may occur at the child’s school, within the community, or at your local MAS office. This service typically lasts 6 to 9 months.

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