Community Integration (Section 17 Case Management for Adults)

Community Integration Services provide typical case management such as referring to needed services, coordinating care with other treatment providers, and accessing crisis services.

CIS also provides skills training to improve problem solving, symptom management, use of natural supports and effective communication.

Qualifying adults must have a mental health diagnosis and have one of the following circumstances caused by the symptoms of that mental health condition:

1) be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless,

2) be causing problems for others;

3) be at risk of involvement with the criminal justice system;

4) be at risk of causing harm to self or others;

5) have great difficulty caring for self; or

6) be at risk of a medical or psychiatric hospitalization.

Any individual who was hospitalized at AMHI or Riverview after January 1, 1988 has a right to Community Integration Services regardless of diagnosis or circumstances.

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