Meet the Community Health Team | Recruiter Lindsey

Meet the Community Health Team | Recruiter Lindsey

Meet the Community Health Team | Recruiter Lindsey

Meet Lindsey, one of our MAS Community Health recruiters! Lindsey has been with MAS since July of 2020. What started as a position in the Medical Staffing division of MAS, has transitioned into the community health side focusing solely on finding individuals to work with our adult and children’s mental health services. 

Keep reading to learn more about Lindsey and what it is like being a MAS Community Health Recruiter, and afterward, if you are interested in working on our team, she is here to help you get started! 

What has your journey with MAS been like so far? 

My journey with MAS has been nothing but positive as I have evolved into my recruiting role! My background in Community Health has gone hand in hand with the vision of the company and I consider myself incredibly lucky to work alongside others with similar backgrounds in order to help MAS Community Health grow and help others throughout the state!  

What made you choose a career in the Community Health Industry? 

I knew early on that I wanted my career path to be focused on helping others, particularly within the field of mental health services. I started my career outside of MAS by providing in-home and community-based services to children on the Autism Spectrum, which eventually led me eventually to provide case management services to children and families. In early 2020 I had the opportunity to switch up my involvement in the Community Health industry and take on a recruiting role. I love that I am still part of the overall goal of helping others – just from a different angle!  

What do you think people need to know about working in the Community Health Industry?

Working in the Community Health Industry is not only life-changing for clients (and families) you serve, but is also life-changing for you! I have met some of the most incredible people from working in the field – whether it’s those involved in receiving support or other professionals looking to make a difference. Being involved in Community Health services is extremely rewarding – both personally and professionally. There is always the opportunity to grow and learn with each client you meet – something I will always appreciate!  

What is your favorite part of working with MAS Community Health?

One of my favorite parts of working with MAS Community Health is getting to meet a variety of people – some who are looking to start their careers in human services and some who are veterans in this field. Hearing why candidates want to do this work along with stories of moments when they felt like a hero with a client makes me proud to be part of our mission to help those in our community. I love being a connection between candidates and their potential to make an impact with MAS.  

Additionally, I work with an incredible team of professionals in the Community Health division, especially my fellow recruiters. I look forward to collaborating each day to work towards our overall goals to provide staff to assist clients within our program! 

If you could offer any advice to individuals looking for a career in Community Health, what would it be?

Taking on a career in Community Health will open a door for you to be a hero in someone’s life. You’ll won’t only be viewed as a hero by your client, but also their families, friends, and/or other providers! Have faith that you will make a difference in the field! It all starts with the desire to help. 

Are you ready to start making a difference in the lives of those in your community, click here, to view all of our open positions!

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