Meet the Community Health Team | Recruiter Mariah

Meet the Community Health Team | Recruiter Mariah

First up in our ‘Meet the Team’ Series is our fabulous Community Health Recruiter, Mariah! 

What started as a Children’s Service Coordinator position has turned into her career as one of our leading recruiters! Mariah started working for MAS Community Health back in October of 2019 and has since helped numerous families find the services they need. 

Mariah works alongside the rest of the recruiting team to find Behavioral Health Professionals throughout the state of Maine to work with our pediatric and adult clients. Read more about Mariah and the advice she has for individuals looking to work in the community health industry. 

What has your journey with MAS been like so far?

As mentioned above, I came back to work for MAS after about a year. When I received a call about returning, I couldn’t wait to join the amazing Maine team again. I have been able to see a couple of sides of MAS – working in the direct care field as a CSC and now as a recruiter for the Community Health Division. I love that my career path has come “full circle” within the Community Health Field, I know that I am still making a difference for the clients we serve – a huge influence in returning to MAS. As our team continues to grow, I am inspired every day to come into work and work with the recruiting team. They are all so motivating and driven to meet our goals.

What made you choose a career in the Community Health Industry?

Choosing a career in the Community Health Industry was something that I always wanted to do. From early on in my career path and in college, I have been dedicated to helping out others. I was a junior varsity basketball coach for a couple of years, worked in an inclusive preschool, as well as a public school as an Ed Tech and school-based Behavioral Health Professional (BHP) for 3 years before joining the MAS team. I love watching children surpass developmental milestones on a daily basis. While working in direct care, I saw a substantial amount of progress and growth with my students and clients – which is so encouraging and made me want to continue working in this industry in other capacities as my career ladder progressed.

What do you think people need to know about working in the Community Health Industry?

Working in the Community Health Industry is one of the most rewarding career paths you can take. It takes dedication to help others, as well as perseverance to support individuals to overcome goals together. Seeing others achieve their goals is the ultimate part of working in this field. You are able to learn, grow, and overcome TOGETHER and that is the most fulfilling thing anyone can observe.

What is your favorite part of working with MAS Community Health?

My favorite part about working with MAS is the ongoing support received by everyone within the entire MAS Community. I feel incredibly encouraged within my role and have the ability to collaborate with the team daily. Everyone is so positive and eager to help out to meet our common goals together. The solidarity and teamwork that we have is something special – I love coming to work every day!

Additionally, I love being able to communicate with so many people daily, within my role as a recruiter – learning about candidates’ backgrounds in this field is so inspiring and uplifting.

If you could offer any advice to individuals looking for a career in Community Health, what would it be?

If you have a desire to help others, take a chance on a career in the Community Health Industry! You will have the most fulfilling job! 

Are ready to start making a difference in the lives of those in your community, click here, to view all of our open positions!

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